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Equipping youth with...

"It's been a huge blessing to have you lead our children's program this summer." [More]
-Lynn Chan, coordinator, Christ Church of China

We are a part of AWANA at Christ Church of China, 300 East Pender. 7-9 p.m. for all ages.
Youth are invited to join.

Trek - Journey Awana group

Saturday evenings - 7-9 p.m. the 1st, 3rd and 5th Saturday of the month.

We start off with a praise and worship and connecting time with the Trek and Journey groups combined. The goal is to establish youth in a relationship with Jesus, the gospel, and the Word. We want to equip them to be able to explain their faith. We break for a short game time.

Trek-Journey Night Out

Happens a few times a year. We connect for food, games, contest, and movie. We seek to establish the youth in a biblical worldview of Creation, the foundation for the gospel. We encourage them to search out and help the kids at We separate into two study groups.


1. The Treks for grades 6 - 9 join Jason Feng and Mindy Li for a teaching time in the gospel of Luke


2. The Journey group for grades 9 - 12 join Jan O'Leary for the Advocates study
Youth enjoy getting established in world view thinking to prepare them to discern the different world views around them and evaluate what matches reality. We plan to memorize I Peter 3: 8-17 this year. This is with the goal to incorporate a memorizing habit into our lives - one bit at a time! We plan to work toward a summer day camp service opportunity.

jan at