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Equip your group or yourself to teach exciting lessons!


Do you want to be confident and contagious in your enthusiasm to instruct children? Get training!

Biblical Study Skills

One key to successful teaching is skillful study of the Bible. A firm foundation in biblical truth will get you off to an excellent start in teaching. Build your foundation with a Bible study skills course in six one hour sessions.

Take Digging for the Gold.

AIMS Alive! Seminars

Discover the basics of hands-on interactive, biblical teaching and you will make a caring impact on young lives! Each course is four hours.

1. Keys to successful teaching

2. Creating lively lessons!

3. Compiling a captivating series!

Customized Services

Request seminars or tutorials!


  • Combination of the above seminars
  • Topical seminar in any area of children's ministry


  • Tutorial on designing a topic around your expertise

We instruct individuals and groups!

Call 604-419-4429 or use the email address below for an inquiry or appointment.

For individuals: Depending on your level of expertise, you may take tutorial or request a customized package.

For groups: We offer a choice of three set seminars that build from one to the next. We also create a customized package for your group designed around your needs and the previous training of your teachers.

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