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Bring them in and bring out their best!

"Janet helped our church to set up Achieving Children, an after school homework program... " [More]
-Pastor Grace Chang, Christ Church of China
  Christ Church of China opened its doors and many came from all over to help in a program called Confident Kids.      


We will equip you to develop staffing strategies in five steps:

  • Evaluation

  • Development

  • Implementation

  • Follow-up

  • Training

What is your need?

  • To evaluate your present recruitment patterns and assess their effectiveness?
  • To develop effective forms and posters?
  • To develop a strategy of momentum toward your goals and create a structure to make it happen?
  • To provide training to support and equip those who are serving, keeping them sustained in their work?

We will work with you through the evaluation process, meet your requirements for development and support you in the implementation phase.

Follow up is an essential part. We will discuss with you how the implementation worked and refine it until you are satisfied with the results. We will develop training or recommend other suitable solutions as required or desired.

Attitude is important! We seek the face of God for His direction and approval within the guidelines of the Holy Scriptures.

Contact us to see our detailed outline or to seek further clarification: 604-419-4429 or use the email address below:




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