Digging for the Gold!
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Digging for the Gold



Self Check | Outline

Learn to dig out treasure for life from the pages of the Holy Word.

I. Self-check: Pre and Post Learning Checklist

II. How to study the Bible in two methods: Literature, Inductive

Hour 1: The Literature of the Bible

Hour 2: The Literature Method of Bible Study

Hour 3: The Language of the Bible

A. Introduction to Figures of Speech

B. Types of Figures of Speech

Hour 4: How to Extract the Gold using the Inductive Method

Step 1: Observe

A. Tools for Observation

B. Introduction to Observation

C. Observations on Philemon

Hour 5: How to Interpret the Gold

Step 2: Interpret (Clarify)

A. Introduction to Interpretation

B. Interpretation: One Key Concept

C. Interpretation: Clarify

Hour 6: How to Apply the Gold

Step 3: Application: How does the results of my search apply to life and to my life?

Principle A. The Comparable Situations

Principle B. Distinguishing Between Core Values & Cultural Customs

Principle C. Doing the Application

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The Bible is a lively book; it has changed my life and continues to exert its transforming power through the Helper of the Holy Spirit!

Every effective servant leader has a deepening walk with God through an expanding knowledge and practice of His Book!

~Janet O'Leary


The outline and self-check pages are available in MS Word documents. Phone 604-419-4429 or use the email link below to inquire or to register:


jan at equipper.ca