Digging for the Gold, Check-List
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Digging for the Gold



Self-Check | Outline

Do you know how to dig out spiritual treasure?

At the beginning or at the end of this course, rate your knowledge or experience as:

  • Adequate=Happy with where you're at
  • Progress=Begun, but need more information or practical help
  • Unknown or unclear=New or unfamiliar concept
Before or after Digging for the Gold I can:

1. State and find within the Bible four types of biblical literature

2. Explain the importance of praying before reading the Bible

3. State five classic elements of literature

4. Use the literature method to understand biblical narratives and increase my knowledge of its Author

5. Define "figure of speech" and brainstorm examples of figurative language

6. State three principles for using figurative language

7. List and define six types of figurative language in the Bible

8. Find biblical examples of figurative language

9. Name and describe the three parts of the Inductive Bible Study method

10. Use the Bible Study Guide to employ the inductive method

11. Explain the importance of using context to interpret the Bible

12. Use study tools and explain their importance

13. Explain the meaning of "comparable situations" as a principle of biblical application

14. Discuss how to distinguish between a cultural custom and a core moral principle when I apply the Bible
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How did you do?

If you would like to...

  • Discover the answers to the above points
  • Learn to dig deep into the Bible for yourself
  • Get a firm foundation so that you will be able to teach others

Take Digging for the Gold!

The outline and self-check pages are available in MS Word documents. Phone 604-419-4429 or use the email link below to inquire or to register:

jan at equipper.ca