AIMS Alive! Seminar 3-Self-Check
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AIMS Alive!
Seminar Three: Compiling a Captivating Series!



Self-check | Outline

Do you have the skills to plan a lively series of lessons?

At the beginning or at the end of this course, rate your knowledge or experience as:

  • Adequate=You're happy with where you're at
  • Progress=Have begun, but need more information or practical help
  • Unknown or unclear=This is a new concept
Before or after "Compiling a Captivating Series!" I can:

1. Write AIMS for a lesson.

2. Choose/design activities for a lesson.

3. Plan for levels of challenge in the lesson.

4. Plan how I will build expectations and evaluation into a lesson.

5. Use an overview planning sheet.

6. Plan a lesson series.

7. Plan how I will build expectations and evaluation into the series.

8. Design a culminating activity.

9. Make an overview chart.
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How did you do?

If you would like to...

  • Incorporate levels of challenge into your lessons!
  • Plan an exciting series of lessons!
  • Prepare a culminating activity!
Take "Compiling a Captivating Series!"
The outline and self-check pages are available in MS Word documents.


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