AIMS Alive! Seminar 2-Self-Check
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AIMS Alive!
Seminar Two: Creating Lively Lessons



Self-check | Outline

Do you have the skills to plan a lively lesson?

At the beginning or at the end of this course, rate your knowledge or experience as:

  • Adequate=You're happy with where you're at
  • Progress=Have begun, but need more information or practical help
  • Unknown or unclear=This is a new concept

  • Before or after "Creating Lively Lessons!" I can:

    1. Write my observations, interpretation, and application of a lesson's Scripture passage.

    2. Use a Lesson Plan Sheet.

    3. Use the key to lively AIMS.

    4. Use five standards for workable aims.

    7. Describe how one increases the level of challenge in the teaching setting.

    5. Write AIMS for a lesson.

    6. Choose or design activities for a lesson.

    8. Provide examples of "Hook" activities.

    9. Practise a powerful start to a lesson.

    10. Prepare a hands-on activity.
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    How did you do?

    If you would like to...

    • Put in place the pieces for a lively lesson!
    • Practise an introduction to a lesson!
    • Prepare a hands-on activity!
    Take "Creating Lively Lessons!"
    The outline and self-check pages are available in MS Word documents.
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