AIMS Alive Seminar 1-Self-Check
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AIMS Alive!
Seminar One: Keys to Successful Teaching



Self-Check | Outline

Do you have the starting basics for hands-on biblical teaching?

At the beginning or at the end of this course, rate your knowledge or experience as:

  • Adequate=Happy with where you're at
  • Progress=Have begun, but need more information or practical help
  • Unknown or unclear=This is a new or unfamiliar concept
Before or after "Keys to Successful Teaching" I can:

1. State God's goal and quote II Corinthian 3:18.

2. List three eternal realities.

3. State three questions to help children discover the Bible.

4. State five ways to prepare for an exciting Bible focus time.

5. List five basic categories to develop with children.

6. Use an acrostic to summarize the foundation of teaching.

7. Explain, "Who is the teacher?"

8 Summarize the teacher's role.

9. List five standards for workable aims.

10 Compare an Overview Chart to a Lesson Plan Sheet.

11 Explain the importance of expectations and evaluation in learning.

12 Identify activities of a lesson.

13 Explain the components of an AIMS alive lesson.

14 Explain how to structure a lesson.
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How did you do?

If you would like to...

  • Learn the keys to dynamic teaching
  • Know the basics of lively lessons
  • Get motivated toward involvement in a life-transforming endeavor

Take "Keys to Successful Teaching"!

The outline and self-check pages are available in MS Word documents. Use the email link below to inquire or to register:


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